Metal Secure Snap-in Holster MSA3M

Manufacturer: Dino Lite
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Secure consistent positioning Metal Holster for Dino-Lite microscopes. This holster allows Dino-Lite microscopes to be snapped into place and held snugly by the edges of the magnification dial.

The MSA3M provides a great solution to aligning the viewpoint of the Dino-Lite to the screen, holding the scope in the position that provides appropriate verticality on screen. This secure positioning holster also prevents height slippage making the height consistent in usage. This holster also uses the traditional tripod screw size (1/4-20) for universal fitment in various mounting applications.

Proper use of this holster is with the magnification dial exposed and the holster 'snapped' into the edges of the magnification dial opening.

10 mm mounting hole

Products specifications
Accessory Type Holster
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